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HP Smart Array CLI commands on ESXi | Kalle’s playground

Show configuration

/opt/smartstorageadmin/ssacli/bin/ssacli ctrl all show config

Controller status

/opt/smartstorageadmin/ssacli/bin/ssacli ctrl all show status

Show detailed controller information for all controllers

/opt/smartstorageadmin/ssacli/bin/ssacli ctrl all show detail

Show detailed controller information for controller in slot 0

/opt/smartstorageadmin/ssacli/bin/ssacli ctrl slot=0 show detail

Rescan for New Devices

/opt/smartstorageadmin/ssacli/bin/ssacli rescan

Physical disk status

/opt/smartstorageadmin/ssacli/bin/ssacli ctrl slot=0 pd all show status

Show detailed physical disk information

/opt/smartstorageadmin/ssacli/bin/ssacli ctrl slot=0 pd all show detail

Logical disk status

/opt/smartstorageadmin/ssacli/bin/ssacli ctrl slot=0 ld all show status

View Detailed Logical Drive Status

/opt/smartstorageadmin/ssacli/bin/ssacli ctrl slot=0 ld 2 show

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ESXi 5.1 host accepts no network connections

NOTE: Check the name of your datastore and replace “datastore1” in these instructions with the appropriate name of your actual datastore.This process will get your Supermicro 1u w/ x7dca-l and 2 Xeon L5420’s running ESXi 5.1 with functional NICs, using a USB key:1) Download this file: https://hostupdate.vmware.com/software/VUM/OFFLINE/release-346-20120706-638484/ESXi500-201207001.zip2) Format a USB flash drive that is 2GB or less for

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