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Convert WMA to MP3 on Linux

Originally from linuxquestions With newer codecs I have change -ao pcm -waveheader to -ao pcm:waveheader Convert WMA to MP3 -: “Convert WMA to MP3 REQUIREMENTS: mplayer lame 1. create a text file called wmamp3 in your ~/ 2. Open the file in your favorite editor and enter the following #!/bin/bash current_directory=$( pwd ) #remove spaces

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Snmp, MRTG and winblows

Fun and games to day with MRTG/SNMP and windows servers. Typical winblows never works properly without a bunch of researching and downloading. MRTG works great with pretty much any network device, except winblows. Makes monitoring setups a whole lot more interesting. After much toing and froing I finally got it to work. Still not happy

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