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CodeLifter.com – JavaScript – Bring Window To Front Periodically

You can use a timer to call self.focus() for this, that is triggered whenever the window loses focus by detecting the onblur event. Add onBlur=”setTimeout(‘self.focus()’,500)” to the window’s body tag, like this: <body onBlur=”setTimeout(‘self.focus()’,500)”> The 500 is the time interval, in milliseconds. (1000 milliseconds is 1 second). Usually a range of 300-7000 will keep the

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How to Install Sun Java on Debian

Quick Guide

If you are fairly confident and don’t want to read the whole document the following summary should probably be enough to get java working on your system. Lines 1 and 3 are preformed as root line 2 as a standard user.

apt-get install java-package
fakeroot make-jpkg <java-binary-package-name>.bin
dpkg -i <created-package-name>.deb

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