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check_nt Commands


Performance Monitor:

Windows NT and better operating systems provided a tool for monitoring many aspects of the Windows operating system called Performance Monitor. Within Performance Monitor there is a wealth of monitoring functions available to track and graph. All of these monitoring functions are accessible through Nagios as well which makes Nagios a fantastic way of keeping track of all your Windows systems. The COUNTER variable in the check_nt command will let us connect to the Windows Performance Monitor and monitor a specific Performance Monitor function.

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Windows Server 2003 Baselining Linux Cacti

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When trying to diagnose problems with any system one of the first steps should be to looks at differences between the current running values and the baseline for that system. The windows performance monitor exposes many counters that are useful, and the output can be logged to various output formats like CSV, and even SQL databases.

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Cacti and Debian

The patch can fix the issue sudo pico /usr/share/cacti/site/include/config.php replace what is under /* Sanity Check on “Corrupt” PHP_SELF */ with if ((!is_file($_SERVER[“PHP_SELF”])) && (!is_file($config[“base_path”] . ‘/’ . $_SERVER[“PHP_SELF”]))) { if (!is_file($_SERVER[“DOCUMENT_ROOT”] . $_SERVER[“PHP_SELF”])) { if (!((is_file($_SERVER[“SCRIPT_FILENAME”])) && (substr_count($_SERVER[“SCRIPT_FILENAME”], $_SERVER[“PHP_SELF”])))) { if (!((is_file($_SERVER[“SCRIPT_FILENAME”])))) { echo “\nInvalid PHP_SELF Path\n”; exit; }

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