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Fix Application Error

How to fix Server Error in ‘yourApp’ Application We get asked about this so much it deserves to be shown here. This error doesn’t mean a lot except that your site is broken. That’s not much help to you figuring out why its broken. The error page does actually tell you exactly what you need

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Cacti and Debian

The patch can fix the issue sudo pico /usr/share/cacti/site/include/config.php replace what is under /* Sanity Check on “Corrupt” PHP_SELF */ with if ((!is_file($_SERVER[“PHP_SELF”])) && (!is_file($config[“base_path”] . ‘/’ . $_SERVER[“PHP_SELF”]))) { if (!is_file($_SERVER[“DOCUMENT_ROOT”] . $_SERVER[“PHP_SELF”])) { if (!((is_file($_SERVER[“SCRIPT_FILENAME”])) && (substr_count($_SERVER[“SCRIPT_FILENAME”], $_SERVER[“PHP_SELF”])))) { if (!((is_file($_SERVER[“SCRIPT_FILENAME”])))) { echo “\nInvalid PHP_SELF Path\n”; exit; }

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