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Plex: You do not have permission to access this server

I can give you a workaround for this that I’ve used. In the jail edit the file Plex Media Server Preferences.xml file (in my case) located at: /usr/local/plexdata/Plex Media Server/Preferences.xml and add the attribute disableRemoteSecurity=”1″ to the Preferences element. Then give your server a restart and check again /usr/local/etc/rc.d/plexmediaserver restart Not the best security but

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Pivos – Rebuild and Sign .img file

Finally you have to rebuild the image, to do this first compress the new image file with zip: zip -r update-unsigned.img * And then you have to sign that update-unsigned.img java -Xmx1024m -jar signapk.jar -w testkey.x509.pem \ testkey.pk8 update-unsigned.img update.img I extracted the signapk.jar, testkey.x509 and testkey.pk8 from the buildroot. Have fun with this!

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